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Short Feathered Layers Haircut Tutorial – TheSalonGuy. Here you are given instructions on how to cut someones hair in a feather style.

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The key is to comb your slices in the direction perpendicular to the direction the.

How to feather hair. The hair is usually parted down the middle and then curled back away from the face. Short Feathered Layers Haircut Tutorial – TheSalonGuy – YouTube. Before cutting your hair gently wash your hair with a shampoo that suits you.

Thus the feather cut has shorter length hair at the center of the head and progressively longer lengths toward the side. Prepare Your Hair Feather Hair. After gently washing comb your hair and detangle them thoroughly.

Dry your hair lots with a towel then brush it. A feathered hairstyle is a look that is created with layered hair with smooth layers that flip out and back looking almost like the overlapping feathers on a bird. So when you curl your hair dont wrap your hair in the curling iron towards your face.

Use shampoo shampoo then conditioner. After washing your hair condition them gently. The feather cut is achieved by pulling hair straight up towards the sky then cutting a V-shape with the bottom point of the V in the center of the head.

Take the curling iron and start by. Wash well and prepare the hair for the next steps remove all the impurities that might be me contact with the hair and could damages it during the process. With the feathered look you want the most volume around your face.

Any small flatiron will work to accomplish this hairstyle. The easiest way to create a feathered look in a layered cut such as you describe is to comb vertical slices of hair and hold them at 90-degrees of elevation and snip small notches into the ends of the hair. After brushing your hair with a regular brush use a comb.

To get the Feathered Hairstyle you should start as in any other haircut. Its important to make sure you hold the razor tight to the hair but not too tight. If your hair is straight or fine then use a hairbrush.

The cut is done with damp hair. You dont want to slice through the hair. Make sure that all the soap is out.

If you have any questions dont be afraid to askSEE YOU GUYS IN MY NEXT VID. Work your way from front to back using this technique. Hope you guys enjoy.

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